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Are you planning to move to Cypress City in California anytime soon? Moving is a lot of work and it is most likely that one of the things that you are worried about is how you are going to do the actual moving. With the hustle and bustle of your daily activities, finding time to do everything can be quite stressful. But, there is no need for you to worry because you can always ask for help. All you need is the experience and professional services of an excellent Cypress moving company – the Anaheim Movers.

The Anaheim Movers are actually based in Anaheim, but they cater to customers within California and even to Oregon. That means you can rely on their services whether you are moving locally or even long distance.

What You Can Expect From Anaheim Movers

  • People who work for Anaheim Movers are experienced, fast, careful, and professional. We are proud to say that we have been in the business since 2009 and we have built a great reputation since then. Years of experience is usually one of the things that people look for in a business and we have that. But, it does not stop there. We also understand that even the idea of moving can be daunting for you so we will do what we can to make it easier by providing fast and reliable service. We will take care of your needs just as we will take care of your things. And more importantly, everyone that you have to deal with at Anaheim Movers are professionals. We say so because customer satisfaction and quality service are our priorities.
  • We support the community by making sure that most of the people who work for us are locals of Anaheim, California. That is a great advantage because we are not just familiar with the ins and outs of Anaheim, we are also familiar with other cities within the state. That means faster service because we know our way around. Aside from being proud locals, our movers are also the friendliest bunch.
  • Our company is licensed and insured which means we abide by the rules and the industry standards. You can always count on us providing an extra quality service. In addition to that, we also include basic insurance in our packages at no extra cost. So, you can take a sigh of relief and relax because your prized possessions are covered.
  • We only use fully equipped trucks to move your items, big or small. We can even help you move your piano, whether it is a spinet, a baby grand, a massive concert grand, or even an antique square piano.You do not need to worry that they might be damaged because we are well trained to handle them.
  • On top of it all, we offer very affordable services, compared to any other moving company in Cypress. If you compare our prices to those claiming to have cheap prices, ours is still preferable because we value or clients and we do not charge hidden fees which will blow up during payment. The rates that you will get from us are all-inclusive which includes the movers (you can choose between two to four movers, depending on the need), the truck, free moving pads, free shrink wrap, free tools, free packing tape, and as mentioned earlier, basic insurance. Just to give you a heads –up, regular moving boxes, packing paper, and bubble wraps are not included in our package.

Now that you have one thing off your mind, we can also help you get acquainted with the City of Cypress which will be your new home. Cypress is located in northern Orange County, which is within Southern California. Locate on the north of Cypress is the city of La Palma, then Buena Park, Anaheim, Stanton, Garden Grove, Los Alamitos, Anaheim, Hawaiian Gardens, and Lakewood.

The total area of Cypress is 17.1 square kilometers, 17 square kilometers of which are land and the rest, which is just about .14% is water. From the Anaheim airport, Cypress is only a 20-minute drive or even less.

If you are looking for something to do or just want to enjoy the outdoors, Cypress has a number of recreational facilities within the city. Some of the parks here are Arnold Cypress Park, Baroldi Sycamore Park, Cedar Glen Park, Darrel EssexPark, Eucalyptus Park, and Evergreen Park. You can also look for other activities to do at the Cypress Civic Center/Library/Tennis Courts, the Cypress Community Center, or the La Palma Community Center.

But Cypress is not all about having fun. It is actually considered to be one of the most business friendly cities in Southern California. The city believes the “pro-business” philosophy that is why if you are business minded, Cypress is the best place for you, not just to live in but also to start a business venture. What’s great about the city’s administration is that they give importance in retaining and growing businesses as they do in attracting them. They prioritize the needs of business owners and provide assistance when needed.

There are a lot of things to love in the City of Cypress so what are you waiting for? Start fixing your things and settle whatever items you need to settle as you are going to start a new life in Cypress. Once you are ready, you know what to do. Get the only professional moving company that you need. Get in touch with us, the Anaheim Movers.

We can assure you that among the numerous movers in Cypress, you cannot find a more professional team than us. Call us now to know more about us and to answer any questions that you may have. If you also go to our website, you can get a free quotation, so that you can have an idea how much it would cost you. Get in touch with us and if we fail to pick up, we will definitely call you back. We value your time as much as we value ours.

No hidden fees:

  • Free Moving Blankets
  • Free Wardrobe Boxes
  • Free Plastic Wrap
  • Free Scotch Tape
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Free Cargo Insurance
  • Dis-assembly
  • Gas and mileage

Simple, flat hourly rates for every customer!

Special pricing for off-peak days and certain cities

2 Movers

Small moves


  • 2 Movers
  • 17'-20' Truck
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Shrink Wrap
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Basic Insurance
  • Credit price - $105/hr

3 Movers

2-3 Bedrooms


  • 3 Movers
  • 24'-26' Truck
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Shrink Wrap
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Basic Insurance
  • Credit price - $135/hr

4 Movers

3-4 Bedrooms


  • 4 Movers
  • 28' Truck
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Shrink Wrap
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Basic Insurance
  • Credit price - $160/hr

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Customer satisfaction is the priority of our moving company!

You cannot find a better moving company than Expert Anaheim Movers. We’ve used them twice so far and both times they made our move easy!
Lauren B.
Lauren B.
Anaheim, CA
My movers Al, Sal, and Takayuki were total pros! They wasted no time and they moved our 2-Bedroom House from Santa Monica to Newport without problems.
Jonathan  A.
Jonathan A.
Newport Beach, CA
Their all-inclusive pricing is fair and easy way of calculating the cost. They did not add any hidden fees and worked fast. Professional, friendly, and capable moving company.
Michelle F.
Michelle F.
Irvine, CA

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