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Are you planning to move to Yorba Linda in California? Are you looking for a Yorba Linda moving company to help you relocate? Well first of all, moving is not an easy and simple task. It requires a great deal of time for planning and an experienced mover to accomplish everything. You also need all the tools and equipment in order to successfully transfer all your things to the new place. Plus if you factor in the cost, relocating will turn out to be a serious undertaking that requires a professional. Luckily, Anaheim Movers is all the company that you need.

Where is Yorba Linda?

First, where is Yorba Linda and what is special about that place? Yorba Linda is a suburban city in Orange County with two zip codes, 92886 and 92887. The third zip code 92885 is exclusive for PO boxes. The city is bordered by Anaheim on the south, Placentia on the west and southwest, Brea on the northwest, Chino Hills State Park on the north, and Corona on the east. It is considered as one of the wealthiest cities in the entire country. The median household income is at $121,075. Back in 2005, CNN ranked Yorba Linda 21st among the best places to live in the US. One of the most popular residents of the city is the 37th President of the United States. Born in 1913, Richard Nixon lived in Yorba Linda until 1922. His home is listed as both a National Historic Landmark and a California Historical Landmark. Next to his house is the Richard Nixon Library and Museum.

Yorba Linda is indeed a great city to live in. If you are all set to move, let us know and we will be there to assist you all the way. Anaheim Movers is the company that will make your move efficient and safe. We are a family operated moving company. We have been in this industry for over nine years and counting. We have a combined 74 years of skills in our company. That is something our company is proud of. We have the extensive experience that you want. Our company has what it takes to move even large fragile equipment. Our movers and crews are highly trained to handle delicate things with extreme caution. Our trucks are also fully equipped to move whatever it is that you need moved. We use only the best methods in our processes to ensure the safety and the efficiency of the transport.

Trust Only the Anaheim Movers for Your Moving Needs

Anaheim Movers is a moving company in Yorba Linda. We are licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission, which means that we meet all regulatory standards for moving people within California. Rest assured that your house and your belongings will be handled by a licensed moving company.

We cater to almost everyone. We perform local moves, long distance moves, commercial moves, office moves, and piano moves (grand, upright). Whatever it is that you need, we have the equipment that is right for the occasion. As an added bonus, we have included basic insurance at no extra cost. We are aware that your things are your investments. So it’s just right that they are covered while under our watch. We want you to have peace of mind. We promise only quality service and that is exactly what we intend to deliver.

Our management is known for being friendly to customers. As a matter of fact, the friendliness runs down even to the movers. We understand that before anything else, a mutual relationship must first be established. When there is a good connection between the customer and the service provider, trust eventually follows. Once there is trust, it would be much easier for us to provide only the best service which would result to a happy satisfied customer. Being friendly does not mean that we will take our time like we are not on a schedule or the amount of caution when handling your things is diminished. We take our profession seriously. We are friendly on a professional level. We understand that the trust you give us is to be reciprocated with respect. Respect for your things, your emotions, your space and privacy, and your precious time. When all these are present, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Anaheim Movers is keeping up with the changing times. With everything going digital now, our company has created an easy online quote and reservation process. Moving has never been as easy and as simple as a push of a button. If you are ever in need of a moving company on short notice, let us know and we will try to accommodate your request as long as we have the available equipment and manpower.

We Offer All Inclusive Rates

With us, you can expect only all inclusive rates. We are not afraid to give our customers what may seem to be a higher hourly rate because we believe that after everything has been taken into consideration and all charges are added, our rates are still more affordable and reasonable in the end. Unlike other moving companies, we hate giving surprises, especially when it comes to pricing. That is something that we try to avoid. We have a reputation to protect which is more valuable than a few bucks off of our customers. With our company, you can expect full disclosure when it comes to money matters.

At the end of the day, the goal of our company is to provide only the best service to get that 100% customer satisfaction. These are two of the most important things on our list of priorities: quality and customer satisfaction. With these two together, nothing can go wrong. We are committed to be the best in what we do. We want to finish things off with a smile on our customer’s faces as we leave. Good reviews or commendations from our happy, satisfied customers are as rewarding as a salary bonus. This may be our job, but we want you to know that Anaheim Movers, one of the top movers in Yorba Linda, is more than a company that is only after making a profit. We want to build relationships with people that we consider our partners in the industry.

No hidden fees:

  • Free Moving Blankets
  • Free Wardrobe Boxes
  • Free Plastic Wrap
  • Free Scotch Tape
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Free Cargo Insurance
  • Dis-assembly
  • Gas and mileage

Simple, flat hourly rates for every customer!

Special pricing for off-peak days and certain cities

2 Movers

Small moves


  • 2 Movers
  • 17'-20' Truck
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Shrink Wrap
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Basic Insurance
  • Credit price - $105/hr

3 Movers

2-3 Bedrooms


  • 3 Movers
  • 24'-26' Truck
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Shrink Wrap
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Basic Insurance
  • Credit price - $135/hr

4 Movers

3-4 Bedrooms


  • 4 Movers
  • 28' Truck
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Shrink Wrap
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Basic Insurance
  • Credit price - $160/hr

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Customer satisfaction is the priority of our moving company!

You cannot find a better moving company than Expert Anaheim Movers. We’ve used them twice so far and both times they made our move easy!
Lauren B.
Lauren B.
Anaheim, CA
My movers Al, Sal, and Takayuki were total pros! They wasted no time and they moved our 2-Bedroom House from Santa Monica to Newport without problems.
Jonathan  A.
Jonathan A.
Newport Beach, CA
Their all-inclusive pricing is fair and easy way of calculating the cost. They did not add any hidden fees and worked fast. Professional, friendly, and capable moving company.
Michelle F.
Michelle F.
Irvine, CA

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